Physical Focus Trainers: Melody, Shane, Michael, Sloane, Kyle, Kasper

Physical Focus has been in business since 1999 as Montecito’s largest and only fitness studio providing Personal Training, Pilates, athletic training, Yoga, senior fitness, physical therapy and massage all under one roof.
Their innovative method of functional fitness training is designed to dramatically enhance your abilities in your life and your sport, while helping you move like an athlete again! They design a complete fitness program around the big picture of your overall health AND your fitness goals.  This way you get the results you want AND achieve optimal health at the same time. Your abilities, interests and goals determine what your fitness program looks like; whether it emphasizes strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, sports performance, Pilates, Yoga, injury prevention, rehab or medical exercise.
But no matter how they blend everything into your program, the results will be the same! You will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body will change naturally as you learn how to move better, get stronger and maintain better posture. You will heal from injury & illness and experience less pain. Your performance in life and sport will dramatically improve. And most importantly, you’ll experience the intrinsic benefits of exercise and make a lifelong commitment to fitness.
For more info or to make an appointment, please call (805) 699-6058, or email
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