Semi Private Group Training

Semi Private Group Training is conducted in the Poolside Fitness Area and size will be limited to 8. Drop-ins are welcome, but we recommend that you sign up at the Front Desk to guarantee your spot!

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Ladies Circuit
This small group circuit is focused on total body fitness, intermixing functional movements, strength training, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular exercise to fill the hour with every tool your body needs to perform at its maximum potential. Sessions are designed for the beginner and intermediate, as well as tennis players – anyone looking for a motivated group of individuals who want to have fun and help each other accomplish their weekly workouts.

Time:            Monday & Wednesday: 10:15am - 11:15am
Cost:             Members $20/class       Non-members: $25/class

Strength & Conditioning
This small group session for men & women combines Functional Movement Patterns, Strength Training, Cardio Circuits and Flexibility exercises into a total body workout focused on building functional strength and power, losing fat, increasing range of motion, and improving your tennis game and/or overall health. This workout is perfect for tennis players, as it will be quick, efficient, and cover all the aspects of total fitness!

Time:            TBD
Cost:             Members $20/class       Non-members: $25/class

Tennis Conditioning
Starting Soon...
Each session will involve Functional Training that incorporates stabilization of the hips, knees, core and shoulders, and is designed to improve each player's speed, movement ability, strength, and power, while reducing the risk of injury. Contact Physical Focus if you are interested in joining a semi-private group. We will begin as soon as we have 3 participants.

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