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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Exhibition Dates: August 12th - September 3rd, 2011
Artist: Rick Garcia and Paul Panossian
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Each artist below distinctly paints from his or her own inner expression. Drawn to a subject, the artist responds by producing a work of art that emphasizes the beauty that speaks to them. Through a variety of mediums, an artist is compelled to paint landscapes or the still-life that has caused the inspiration, of course including the spectrum of color and nuances of values to create a work of art. Painting is another form of communication, inasmuch as an artist interprets, through art, what he or she sees in nature and life.
Brilliant colors and serene, tranquil compositions of Cheryl's still-life oil paintings introduce the viewer to a world of flowers, fruit and elements of everyday scenes evoking timeless beauty. "Living with color, line, shape, space, and design has touched my heart and soul - forever taking me into the colorful, peaceful and beautiful world that surrounds me,” says Ambrecht.  
Growing up as an only child, Celia always found companionship in art. Now, as a natural history teacher at Adult Ed. for over 30 years, she finds it natural to combine her love of nature's beauty with her love of art, and works to portray scenes from Santa Barbara using pastels. "I find joy in painting the natural beauty of Santa Barbara. I see everything from the eyes of the natural scientist, which I am, and loves, as an artist, to portray that beauty and excitement with pastels," she states. A graduate of UCSB in environmental studies, Celia taught natural science courses at Adult Ed. for thirty years. Now returning to art, it was quite natural for her to find new passion in portraying the beauty of nature.

Having always been interested in art, Mann states, “I love all the Impressionists. Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne… so my work reflects an impressionistic style. I think the act of creating art is one of the greatest joys of life. For me, nothing is more exciting than to see a work of art emerge from a blank canvas.” A Santa Barbara local since 2003, he continues to produce artwork reminiscent of the era

Nadeau notes, "I'm inspired by the supreme design of nature. It is the subtle array of colors, striking designs, the softness and ruggedness that create great scenes for me to paint. Nature is so superb; it compels me to try to capture its beauty on canvas. I use bold strokes with a wide brush to paint the nuances of colors and use dark values for shadow to create and capture the scene that speaks to me." The artist is a graduate of UCLA with a B.S. in Art.
Nelson expresses her poetic visions using soft pastels and oils, although her explorations can take her into charcoal and pen and ink. She paints in the figurative, landscape and still life genres. Her journey to art began after pursuing scientific illustration in Bermuda. Upon returning to California, Nelson came alongside Larry and John Iwerks, among others, to study plein air. To date, Nelson is a co-founder of the SBAA Student Art Fund, and is a “signature member of the Pastel Society of the Gold Coast,” as well as participating in other artistic organizations.
John has studied the nationally renowned artist, Joe Abresscia, among others. Williams prefers to paint the Eastern Sierra area, and much of Santa Barbara County. "The beauty of our country is truly a treasure which needs documentation for future generations," states Williams. Participating in a number of artistic associations such as Goleta Valley Art Association, 113, and others, the artist can be seen in many exhibitions around Santa Barbara and Goleta

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