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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Exhibition Dates: July 12th - August 3rd, 2013
Artists: Susan Tibbles; La Monte Westmoreland; Jason Hadley; Dan Levin; Mat James Metson
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“The elements in Susan Tibbles’ work are an amusing array of found objects bought to life in unique compositional assemblage work. The mixed media pieces are imaginative with a unique style that is timeless. Her work unites us with our past, speaks to us about our future, and touches upon the present. Her gift, is to transform ordinary objects,to reveal a multitude of psychological and sociological metaphors that speak to the viewer on many different levels. Her assemblages operate as a dialogue that have become reflections of our American culture and are directly influenced by current social and political events.Susan is a native of Santa Barbara, has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her works have been exhibited in solo Museum exhibitions as well as Gallery through out the us.” - DNFA Gallery

The two series for this exhibit (Kabuki and Samurai Series) shows the traditional theater makeup of the kabuki is done in white face and the traditional theater makeup of the minstrel is done in black face.

The Kabuki performers might be a source of fascination and quite entertaining for many people, but the minstrel in black face may be disturbing and demeaning to many people.

My goal in this series was to engage the viewer, consider the viewer and to inject a sense of humor into the work.

Jason Hadley is a multi media artist from Oklahoma living and working in Los Angeles CA. He uses found objects, wax life casts, encaustic ink transfers and distressed wood and metal to form sculptures with mysterious stories to tell about our pasts and futures.

Santa Barbara based artist Dan Levin works primarily with ingredients that have been deemed no longer viable. Exhibiting his work since 1985, Levin continues to orchestrate relationships between objects that may never have been in close proximity – forming a singular composition or metaphorical device.

“I want the sculptures I build to echo architecture...cathedrals and monuments”. The pursuit is for craftsmanship as well as fine visual art. The idea is to combine many aspects, not as “multi-media” but as multifaceted skill sets. My goal is to create sculpture that uses architecture, geometry and craftsmanship in balance with fine art. Matjames is currently based in Los Angeles California, after leaving New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.

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