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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Natural Anthem
Exhibition Dates: June 10th - July 5th, 2011
Artist: Dan Levin, Blakeney Sanford, Casey Underwood
Previous Exhibitions:

Dan Levin was born in Los Angeles, raised near New York City, and received a degree in fine art and graphic design after returning to California in the 1980s. He has been exhibiting his assemblage art in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Francisco for over 25 years – with pieces in collections from New York to New Zealand. In his work, Levin typically integrates man-made artifacts that have been discarded as no longer viable. However, for “Natural Anthem” he experiments primarily with materials extracted from beaches, streams, mountains and deserts. Whether commenting on the mysteries of the natural world or simply producing an abstract that is aesthetically pleasing, the artist is driven to orchestrate relationships between objects that may never have been in close proximity – forming a singular composition or metaphorical device. Having spent several years living in Australia and Europe, the artist now resides in Santa Barbara with his wife Anne, where he fabricates assemblages and continues his walkabout.

Blakeney Sanford, a Santa Barbara, California based contemporary artist, is quickly gaining international recognition for her innovative sculptures and paintings created with acrylic, steel and epoxy resin. Common themes in her work include nature, natural and industrial materials, human form, and color and light. Her current painting series, the Shark Park Series, has become an iconic representation of her work. Painted on panel and overlaid with gold leaf, these pieces depict silhouettes of colorful female figures. This contemporary series, ranging in size from 4”x6” to 4’x7’, can be hung individually, or in a group and its vibrant colors, reflective qualities, and figures are playful as well as

thought provoking. Her sculptures, which incorporate similar qualities, are built in an array of dimensions and constructed of steel and her signature epoxy resin panels, which she pours in her studio. Blakeney’s work has been shown in galleries and museums nationally, and she is currently collaborating with one of the surf world’s most prominent brands: ROXY/ Quiksilver, Inc. She continues to work on commissioned pieces as well as her own work from her studio just north of Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara local, Casey Underwood, is an ambitious, emerging artist. During the past four years, Casey has began to make his way into the Santa Barbara art scene through many small exhibitions and shows featuring his nature inspired paintings. Using mixed media to create seascapes, Casey has discovered a medium that he not only loves, but that is uniquely him. In his desire to capture the vastness of the sky in all it’s glories of light and in the elegance of the sea, his hope is that the viewer will not only be aesthetically pleased, but be able to see a landscape painting through new eyes. Casey credits his inspiration to the simple colors of Mark Rothko, the skies of Gustave Courbet and the minimalism of Wolfgang Bloch, who Casey was fortunate to have been in contact with. While pursuing his bachelors in Art at Westmont College, Casey is excited to continue his creative expression, and to see where art will take him in his life.

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