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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Local Color
Exhibition Dates: May 13th - June 5th, 2011
Artist: Cynthia Burt, Chris Chapmam, Tom Henderson, John Iwerks
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Each artist represented in this show delves into the vibrant colors Santa Barbara County provides. Centered around an area of California that has no shortage of rich landscapes, oils and acrylics that encapsulate the cyclical nature of golden ranchlands and variably energetic coastlines. Artists Cynthia Burt, Chris Chapman, Tom Henderson, and John Iwerks all draw from their various backgrounds to capture the illustrious facets of a part of our Golden State. 

John Iwerks and Chris Chapman draw their inspiration from their years of experience working as ranch managers at Arroyo Hondo Preserve, Gaviota. Tending to the land so closely allowed them to observe the natural rhythms of the environment, which consistently provides inspiration for their paintings. Together, the duo’s work spans both ends of the visual spectrum, from Iwerks’ comprehensive geologic murals, to Chapman’s dedication to minute detail in her botanical illustrations. Chapman’s passion derives from natures’ changing challenges, while Iwerks strives to capture the stories the land has to tell.

Also inspired by the pulsing rhythm of life and land, Tom Henderson enjoys “freely interpreting scenes that life provides.” After pursuing a career as a professional musician, he found his niche in art, and notes that “[it] is a way to be in the moment,” engaging the senses on a different plane. Paying attention to the movement of landscapes, art to Tom is a surprise, and allows him to find “an image that might represent what the heart is full of.”

Plein air art can be particularly surprising, especially when one works to capture landscapes at different times of day. Artist Cynthia Burt certainly enjoys painting the elusive, subtle and often unpredictable transitions from dawn to dusk. Previously specializing in print and digital mediums, Burt found another calling by in oil paints, and has since immersed herself in portraying the West Coast’s beautiful scenery.

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