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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Oil & Water
Exhibition Dates: May 11th - June 2nd, 2012
Artists: Lily Guild; Leslie Lewis Sigler
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Artist Statement

Lily Guild
Lily Guild doesn’t have to go far to find something to paint...the kitchen, the closet. Her recent watercolors are single object portraits documenting the personality of our every day things...shirts, crackers, toast. The things we love and live with. “I find joy in taking the time to see something well enough to paint it. It’s that simple. Painting, for me – visually observing things in this deeper way – is an act of love.”

Award-winning artist and graphic designer Lily Guild is a Santa Barbara native.

Leslie Lewis Sigler
Contributing the eponymous “oils” in the two-artist show Oil and Water, painter Leslie Lewis Sigler builds upon her body of work with still life meditations on various precious and forgotten heirlooms and the emotions and nostalgia they stir up inside each of us. Sigler continues to study the life and lifespan of objects—tea sets, silverware, tools and utensils—that seem to have an eternal shelf life. These works comment on the lineages that connect us to one another through generations, cultures, and geographies. Her artistic energy is focused on capturing the beauty of these objects on paper and canvas. Sigler’s goal is to evoke conversation, provoke a memory, or arouse a story. That the viewer will be captured for more than just a glance—that he or she will begin to reminisce or to dream, and certainly to smile.

Born in central Texas, Leslie Lewis Sigler studied painting at the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2008, she has made Santa Barbara home and has exhibited in multiple group shows at galleries such as Atkinson Gallery, Sullivan Goss, and Westmont Museum of Art.

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