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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Exhibition Dates: March 11th - April 4th, 2011
Artist: R. Anthony Askew, Bay Hallowell, Rafael Perea de la Cabada, Dug Uyesaka, Don Zimmerman, Siu Zimmerman
Previous Exhibitions:

The work in this show is a very personal expression for each artist. Note how important the process of making, the development of the image, has become for all six printmakers who approach their art employing different types of processes. 

The work of R. Anthony Askew in this exhibition includes prints done in New Mexico, in the fall of 2010, that are influenced by the landscape  and the energy of the southwest. In the abstract-expressionist tradition,  inventive, direct and painterly,  his monotype process enhances a child-like directness with emphasis on expressive color and brushstroke. Process is important to this artist as is tradition and ceremony in the sense that his art experience is in the creating, the activity of doing, seeing and inventing.

Recently, printmaking has led Bay Hallowell into a world of intuitive abstraction, populated by unexpected shapes and expressive color combination. Quieting the mind and slipping into a dreamlike state where thinking is associative rather than logical, she finds that visual surprises can emerge and evolve into meaningful images.

Rafael Perea de la Cabada believes the artist’s function in society is to act as an agent of change.  For him, art has a transformative power.  He finds find art making an endless mystery, a choice and a calling.

Dug Uyesaka presents work loosely based on explorations and experimentation with the medium. Dug’s prints are evidence of his fascination with mark making. His works convey a mood of movement; a shifting from one state to another based on natural phenomenon and his imagination. 

Don Zimmerman’s figurative prints search out the visual poetry of the mundane activities and commonplace scenes of everyday life, art found in the Ordinary.

Interested in the Celtic notion of “thin place” that separates this world from the next and where the natural and the spiritual world intersect, Siu Zimmerman began a new series. Developed over the past nine months “Moving through the Thin Space” expresses, in abstract imagery, traveling toward the unknown, and the curiosity, mystery and ultimately hope of such a journey.  This work also expresses the experience of developing the art itself.

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