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The Club Gallery hosts an art exhibit featuring new artists every 2nd Friday of each month. Artist reception is 5:30 am - 7:30 pm.
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Mixed Bag
Exhibition Dates: March 8th - April 6th, 2013
Artist: Judy Neuneubel, Julia Ford, Nance Cole, Christy Venable, Robin McCarthy
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Judy Neunuebel
I create my art primarily in watercolor and collage, but have also enjoyed working as a typesetter for several years and operate my own graphic design business. Definitely my appreciation of the printed word strongly influences my work. I collect weathered texts, old books, antique photographs, handwritten notes, along with a myriad of other ephemera that inspire my collages. Working with these diverse items, I strive for both a balanced composition and an arrangement that is thought provoking. While the materials I use are familiar to viewers, what I love is the mystery and magic that exudes from juxtapositions of the familiar. New narratives unfold. My stories are also connected to notions of memory. I explore how our personal memories connect us to another person’s experiences.

Julia Ford
Born in the West Country of Devon, England, Julia Ford grew up immersed in nature on a dairy farm where an acute awareness of the seasonal cycles and daily weather patterns was an essential part of life. This foundation of close observations of nature and a strong sense of cyclical time provides the basis of Ms. Ford’s approach to making her art. She explores subjects such as theories of evolution, time and space; human social and biological patterns, inner life and humor. Whether making spontaneous gestural drawings, detailed drawings from “nature morte” or time-intensive felted sculpture and weaving’s, keeping an eye on the fluid creative process and dancing in rhythm with it is what makes her tick.

Nance Cole
Born in Santa Barbara, Nance graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Art/English.  She is a print-maker who works in monotype,collagraph, collage and acrylic. She has worked non-objectively for a number of years, winning awards in Santa Barbara Art Association shows, Santa Barbara Print-makers shows and various other shows. 
“My art expresses myself, without words.  The reason I am expressing myself non-objectively in shape, line and color is because there ARE  no words.  To myself I call my pieces “mindscapes” -- the unconscious mind takes hold and the work tumbles out, exciting and emotional.  Non-objective art, to me, is about feeling and mystery, as well line, color, shape. I would ask the viewer to accept the art as it is, to appreciate the mystery and see if the piece strikes him or her emotionally or intellectually.” 

Christy Venable
Local artist Christy Venable was raised in Santa Monica California. Coming from a family of artists, her mother a potter, her Aunt, Head of the Art Dept. at UCLA the other Aunt was an Illustrator. 

Christy graduated from UCLA, studied in London, Paris and Florence. She has been a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association for 32 years and on the board for 10 years as well as part of the Westmont Arts Council for 18 years.

“Art has been my life. Working with alabaster, clay, watercolor, oil, alkyd, and acrylic. She currently works with Acrylic paintings and Monotype printmaking. My nonobjective/abstract work, is a process of discovery. I start with a moving line and see what happens, experimenting with color and shapes that may become fragmented elements of a landscape.”

Her works an be found in private collections throughout the U.S.

Robin McCarthy
Robin McCarthy draws upon her background in graphic design and clothing design when creating her art.  After carefully selecting old photographs she adds illustrations and prints the completed image on fabric.  The image is then embellished with delicate, single-ply hand embroidery, resulting in a complimentary blend of old and new media.  Coupling the vintage flavor of the old photographs with her thought provoking themes gives McCarthy’s work a contemporary sensibility.

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